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Bill payments online- how to tap its full potential

In this tech savvy millennial, one gadget that’s sure to be owned by everyone is a mobile phone, with a multitude of apps to ensure a smooth functioning of all the needs one might have. In this scenario, being able to pay your bills easily and on time is an aspect to stress on. Apart from the convenience of mobile-based bill payments, you can also enjoy added benefits like electronic receipts, custom alerts and notifications, rewards and loyalty programs etc, while paying online. Let’s take a look at how to optimise your bill payments through mobile to improve the overall experience.

1.Mobile optimized biller websites

Having a mobile optimized interface is mandatory for bill payment systems, that is easy for the consumer to navigate through and get his bills paid. Users must be able to pay their bills quickly and easily, with limited scrolling. In this aspect, #Empay can assure a seamless transaction experience for all its users with its well thought out design layout and easy to navigate interface, be it paying Government bills, fees, utilities etc.

2. Text based bill payment alerts

Being one of the most used features on a mobile phone, engaging customers where there is a high probability of interaction involved, assures that the bill alerts don’t go unnoticed. Getting timely alerts and notifications via texts helps users stay organized when it comes to bill payments.

3. Biller apps

Most billers generally have their own apps these days. But it gets a tad hectic for users to have multiple apps for multiple billers. It can get overwhelming for a user to keep track of his payments as well. But with Empay, you can pay multiple bills in one place, be it the DEWA, FEWA, Salik, Mawaqif, DED payments, etc and keep track of them in an orderly and timely manner. This way, you don’t have to clutter your device with multiple apps and still get the work done!

Considering the fact that bill payments shall be the most common in the list of payments one might have to attend to, it’s imperative to have a well developed and beneficially optimized bill payment service on mobile devices. Don’t worry, #Empay can take care of this prime requirement of yours with supreme ease. Switch to #Empay today and pay the way the future does!