Empay, the world’s first contactless instant credit lifestyle payment ecosystem, launched in Dubai

Going digital- the need of the hour

The Covid-19 global pandemic has brought the world to a standstill, rudely shocking the economy and compelling individuals across all nationalities to adapt more precautionary measures with each passing day. As habits like social distancing and staying at home has been accepted as the new norm by the public at large, the unfortunate situation has propelled drastic changes in the way we spend and handle payments.

It is interesting to note that technology has donned a crucial role amidst the chaos brought about by the pandemic and the way we handle our day to day activities, be it work, socialize, purchase or transact has seen a tectonic shift from traditional physical methods to digital-payment wallets and mobile payment techniques. Thereby, a sudden surge has been witnessed in the usage of online transactions over the past couple of months. The conventional mode of cash transactions is being replaced by digital payments primarily due to the fear that currency notes or coins could be carriers of the virus. Ways and means are being devised on a daily basis on how to replace physical cash with digital payment methods to promote going cashless as much as possible

With the dependency on e-commerce and businesses boosted, consumers are glad to resort to contactless payments, faster check-outs and hassle-free home deliveries. Global contactless payment market size is projected to reach US$ 10580 million by 2026 and the new consumer demographics not only include young tech-savvy folk, but also elderly who are adapting to digital payments out of need of the hour. It’s evident that digital payments are the safest option considering the importance of going contactless and maintaining social distance during this catastrophic situation. Digital payments are not only safe but also secure given the technology and risk management tools being used by financial organizations.

Similar to bank notes replacing the barter system of 6,000 BC, the current situation has accelerated the adoption of smart digital payment alternatives. With the pandemic showing no signs of approaching closure, many nations have already started moving away from cash, considering that bank notes go through a succession of change of hands during a single day could pose as a serious health hazard. While aspiring to go completely cashless is a phenomenal move, it definitely poses a potential possibility of the future considering the speed, convenience & security of it.

Looks like cash is not King anymore. Switch to Empay , your credible digital wallet and mobile payments app and hop on the digital bandwagon to pay securely at the time of the current crisis amidst contagious transactions. We vouch for the safety provided by contactless payments and aim to transform the way UAE pays. Learn more about Empay and the perks of going digital, the benefits and convenience of online and in app payments.