Empay, the world’s first contactless instant credit lifestyle payment ecosystem, launched in Dubai

How to leverage the online payment system in the work sphere

One thing the pandemic ensured is to rewrite the working culture and methods all around the World. With the 9-5 office work culture fast being forgotten and replaced with the ‘work from home’ concept, another work aspect that fast developed is the freelancing style. Apart from suiting the millennial style of working independently, it also comes with so many added perks like complete autonomy over working hours, working in locations of your choice and the best bet- having the opportunity to work in domains of your interest and expertise. This year, we saw an exceptional rise in freelancers, right from content creators to doctors. At present, The sheer choice of freelancing jobs is aplenty. However, it comes with its own fair share of challenges. Today, let’s take a look at the top three challenges faced by freelancers and how Empay can help you address them.

Payment issues

The key point when it comes to working is indeed to get paid-on time and promptly. Oftentimes, one has to struggle with late payments owing to inflexible payment situations at the client’s end or the freelancer’s. Something like, when they both decide to transfer money through two entirely different payment streams, say UPI alone or bank transfer alone. To bypass this hurdle of delayed payments, you can easily send or receive money through Empay. You can request the client to pay whenever payment is due and receive payments instantly and securely. Keeping track of payments

Receiving payments for freelancing is more or less something that happens in an erratic fashion, which leaves tracking the payments a difficult task. Unlike the traditional set up of receiving payments at the end of every month, freelancing has that element of ambiguity when it comes to payments. With Empay, you can easily track your payments in one go, locate missed payments and be informed about your payment timeline.


Basically running a freelance is like being your own boss and employee. This implies you’ll be handling the accounting works as well., billing invoices on your own. It can be a tad tricky considering what information has to go in and where, especially for newbies. This shall not pose as an issue when you’re using Empay to do your professional billing. You can easily send and receive invoices with Empay, both in the app and as email, saving considerable time.

So it doesn’t matter that the work sphere has evolved considerably in the last few months. New challenges call for new solutions. With Empay by your side, you’re payment ready, with convenience at your fingertips. Go ahead and grab all those projects that're piquing your interest!