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How to plan your expenses if you just moved to UAE

UAE- a land of countless opportunities and boundless energy is where thousands move in every year to make their dreams come true. Goes without saying that expenses are bound to shoot in such a happening place like UAE and every expat moving here should be equipped with the know-how on how to combat the same. Though UAE can be expensive regarding the cost of living, it remains a magnificent choice regarding the quality of life, facilities and opportunities provided. Keep reading to explore three key points to note if you’re someone that just moved to this splendid country and needs to know how to curb your expenses without compromising on the quality of your life and also, how Empay can help you out here!


The UAE is popular for housing a wide and diverse choice of cuisines ranging across the continents. Though one will always have the choice to eat economically or at expensive outlets, it’s best that you stick to the basic places at the beginning, availing discounts at supermarkets and restaurants. Fortunately for you, Empay has partnered with a multitude of restaurants, where you can find any and every food or beverage suiting your palate and get it attractive discounts as well! Place your order online in the comfort of your own and delicious food will reach you in no time, at a much lower price than if you were to purchase it on your own. And guess what, we have teamed up with some of the best restaurants and food outlets out there to satisfy your any and every need food wise. Our list includes JJ Chicken, KFC, Subway, Hatam, Jollibee, Jashan, Manoushe street and many many more tasty options!

Utility bills

Bills are a headache that follows us wherever we are. It is difficult to track them and remember the due days. Here's where Empay can really help integrate all your bill payments under one umbrella. Apart from utility bills, you can also pay school fees and Government bills. Also, you can easily track your payments in one go here, easing the burden on someone who just moved out. A couple of bills you could get sorted here includes the DEWA, FEWA, Salik, Mawaqif, DED payments etc.


Transportation is an unavoidable added expenditure and relying on public transport like the metro and buses is the ideal option here. Also, it can be easily accessed with a rechargeable card and is quite affordable too. Empay can be a real saviour here since you don’t have to carry physical cards with you while commuting. You can access bus and metro gates through your phone and also do the top-up online quickly.

Coming to a conclusion, it is essential that you know your way around in cutting your expenses as an expat, and manage it efficiently. Empay can take the additional burden off you by providing some hard to miss discounts and offers, along with seamless payment facilities. Get Empay today to make your life easier!