Empay, the world’s first contactless instant credit lifestyle payment ecosystem, launched in Dubai

How Empay won the ‘Fastest Growing Online Payment Solutions Provider’ award in 2021

Innovation, Consumer Listening, and Execution: How Empay won the ‘Fastest Growing Online Payment Solutions Provider’ award in 2021

Indeed, a proud moment for Empay to be honoured this prestigious award by the Global Business Awards jury; but the question is, how did we do it?

When you really understand a need in the market that has not been fulfilled, you’re already on the first step of designing a solution that’s going to nail the bulls eye. This is what happened here at Empay under the leadership of Mr. Ali Ibrahim (Chairman of Empay), Ms. Muna Al Qassab (CEO of Empay), and Mr. Gigi George Koshy (Deputy CEO and Chief Product Officer of Empay).

Being solely a contactless payment platform was least to say; basic and one-dimensional. With the booming digitalisation of the UAE economy, majority of services in the current years have evolved into a digital presence with the public simply accessing everything from a smartphone. Gone are the days when you would need a desktop or laptop to surf online and make transactions, these little computers we carry in our pockets have the potential to become a one-stop destination for practically everything you would ever need.

Tapping on this potential, Empay added layers over their digital payment platform transforming it into a lifestyle hub with ample of lifestyle service payment options that people need on a daily basis. Primarily, Empay helps you make contactless payments from your phone when you’re at a POS counter, eliminating the need to ever remove your wallet. In addition, business owners no longer have to visit typing centres or any government centres where they’d have to travel and wait for their turn to pay.

Under the initiative of the Smart Dubai framework, Empay allows businesses to simply renew their license by adding the license number in the Empay app and clearing their dues. Empay integrates a whole set of lifestyle payment services that are beneficial to the user on a day-to-day basis. Instead of visiting the utilities website or going to a kiosk to clear your utility bills, you have the luxury to directly pay the bills in-app. You don’t even have to go to your child’s school anymore to pay their fees, simply register your child’s student ID and choose the school they go to and voila; school fees are paid in an instant. Then there are food orders; this has increasingly become prominent ever since the pandemic. People hardly go on foot to pick up an order and neither do they prefer making calls; having the convenience of placing an order online with a few taps is purely bliss.

You can conveniently place food orders online through Empay and a dedicated Empay rider will deliver your food to your doorstep securely. Travelling is made easier; under RTA transportation services, people can conveniently recharge their NOL card directly from Empay and avoid queuing up and thus save valuable time.

From ordering food, paying utility bills, transportation bills, school fees, government fees, and transferring money internationally amongst many other services gave people a reason to keep using Empay for their daily needs.

Aside from what’s being currently offered, the goal here at Empay is to integrate even more services in the coming future to become a hotspot that handles all your payments conveniently from one location rather than jumping between multiple applications.

With the world transcending heavily towards a digital economy, the opportunities are rising even higher for Empay to serve users with all of their payment options interconnected within one convenient application.

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